Jeff Slate & Friends: It’s Mick Jagger’s 81st Birthday!

Beloved classics. Deep cuts. Lost gems. Songs from the vaults. An evening of the Rolling Stones like you’ve never heard!

Live is back Hill Country Live! as Jeff Slate & Friends lead a celebration of the 81st birthday of the frontman of the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band, Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, at Hill Country NYC at 30 West 26th Street on Friday, July 26th.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan of the Stones who’s seen the band countless times over the years, a classic rock lover or just discovering the band that put the roll in rock and roll, this show – honoring Mick, Keith, Brian, Mick, Ronnie, Bill and Charlie – is for you.

In celebration of this milestone in Mick Jagger’s life and Rolling Stones history, Jeff Slate and his all-star band will treat you to an evening of stellar rock and roll, and will be joined by some of the hottest names on the NYC and national music scene.

Tickets are $18, inclusive of all fees, so book now!