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Jeff's Personal Top 5

1) THE NEW YORKER: Bob Dylan’s First Day with “Tangled Up in Blue”

2) ESQUIRE: Tom Petty Was Always One of Us

3) WALL STREET JOURNAL: 20 Odd Questions With Ringo Starr

4) ESQUIRE: The Music in Ken Burns' The Vietnam War Is Remarkable. Here's How It Was Chosen.

5) ESQUIRE: When Bob Dylan Saw God

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Jeff Slate's Weekend Wilburys at The Fest For Beatles Fans George Harrison Birthday Celebration


We celebrate the life of George Harrison, who would have turned 78 on February 25th. The Beatles recorded George's first song, Don't Bother Me, in 1963. What George made up in quantity of Beatles songs, was his incredible quality and popularity. His songs While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Something, and Here Comes The Sun are among the most beloved of all Beatles Songs. George's first post Beatles album, All Things Must Pass, is the bestselling solo Beatles album ever! Beyond the material realm, George had a profound hand in introducing the Western world to Eastern music, culture and spirituality. He gave the music world the blueprint to how to raise huge sums of money for important causes by simply gathering a few of his musical friends and create an historic concert and album - The Concert For Bangla Desh. We celebrate his life this year with a Zoom event — vibe out to re-creations of George’s music, hear personal stories from his friends and fellow musicians, go on a journey into his time with Maharishi in India, try your knowledge with some George trivia, enjoy some breakout rooms for mini-chats with other George fans, and partake in a strum-along on Ukulele, an instrument we know he truly loved.

There is no question, we miss having live and in person FESTs, but for now, Zoom events are the best alternative to see each others faces and do what we do best together - be Beatles Fans. We are looking forward to seeing many of you on the 25th as we celebrate George's Birthday, LIVE and Interactive from 5PM - 11PM EST.… followed by a Fan Jam Fest Hangout, in the Lobby or Under-The-Stairs style, all through the night, until the last zoomer departs.


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